New York City is of course the world’s greatest attraction for urban photography of all kinds.

This is because of the history and the nature of New York. But also because of the work of many photographers. Alfred Stieglitz, Lewis Hines, Paul Strand, Berenice Abbott, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Freelander, Gary Winogrand and many others. How one views (or at least how I view New York), is also heavily influenced by other photographers of America, including William Eggleston, Lewis Baltz and Stephen Shore). New York is full with highly recognizable buildings, monuments, and street scenes. This is not only what they symbolise, but in many cases also because they have been so often photographed over the past 150 years (and appeared in so many movies). Thus, it is impossible to spend a week in NYC without stepping in the footsteps of these photographers and effectively being influenced by all of them, all the time, and everywhere. In fact, one may think to see things in one’s own way but, as for everyone, small and big, one is heavily influenced not only by the objective physical objects and people that one encounters, but also by those who were there before. And, if one spends only one cold week in early February 2019 with his partner and relatively young children, one cannot but (re)visit many of the usual places. But, inevitably, will also express ones own way of seeing.